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Spiritual Healing works on four levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I connect to universal energy to channel this to the client, creating equilibrium and harmony.

Animal Healing

I practise as an Animal Healer as well. Fundamentally, this isn't much different to working with people, except that the lack of verbal communication necessitates a particularly empathic attunement to the needs of the animal. I also do volunteer work at an Animal Rescue Sanctuary in North London.

Spirit Release

I work to clear Spirit Attachment and Possession, Psychic Attack and Cords, and I also do Soul Retrievals and Past Life Clearing.

Space Clearing & Spirit Release from buildings

As I tune in, I can pick up and energetic disturbances. I am then able to clear any unwanted energies and restore to a more balanced environment to work or live in. I am able to work distantly in some cases.

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